Final Update

Good evening!

The Larricks are now safely all at home, ready to hunker down for the latest winter storm. Springing from the hospital is not the end of this journey for them. Quite the opposite. It’s the beginning of a long road of healing and learning a new normal…again.

This is where I give the helm back to Kimmie. If you want regular updates, be sure to follow her on Instagram (@kimlarrick) and/or Facebook. Now, I just return to observer and supporter of this amazing family.  They handle so much with grace and love…and a heaping dose of humor (as Kels would say, “womp, womp!”).  It’s been my joy to be able to help in some small way to carry a bit of their load. Thank you all for your patience. Please join me in continuing to pray for Ben’s recovery and the whole family’s resilience. As much as they endure, they truly are a gift.

I love you, Larrick family!

3 thoughts on “Final Update

  1. I second everything you said – your words absolutely reflect them perfectly. Thank you for your follow ups and the prayers continue to flow.


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