No surgery!

I need to update those non-Facebookers of the world on Kelsey’s hip surgery.  There isn’t gonna be one!  Phew!!

Last Thursday, we went to see a pediatric orthopedist who specializes in kids with neurological disorders, such as Kelsey.  After looking at her x-rays, he does NOT think Kelsey needs surgery to fix her hips that are out of proper alignment.  He isn’t overly concerned and thinks time and weight-bearing exercises are what Kelsey needs.  He also thinks that she’s not a good candidate for AFOs as she has a nice arch in her foot.

We were so relieved to hear the invasive surgery with a very restrictive recovery is no longer in Kelsey’s (immediate) future.  It doesn’t mean she will never need surgery, but it’s not the answer now, and for that we are relieved.

Until then…LOTS of therapy, time, practice and patience are in order.

Hard at work at her first of three therapy appointments this week

4 thoughts on “No surgery!

    • Yes! We will still keep looking and reevaluate. Stability is still not good. And her toes point inward. So I’m not sure what IS the answer but I do like that two orthopedists have said she doesn’t need them.


  1. Remember my toes!?!? Worst pigeon feet ever!!! Know it’s a different situation but ballet helped!! (Oh and I think I wore braces at night for a while!!). Anyway- sooo glad no surgery! You need a break!


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