Update #3

Ben had a rough night last night. He (and Kim) did not get much sleep.  His pain wasn’t an issue but he was uncomfortable  and agitated because he couldn’t drink water. Unfortunately, he’s stuck with ice chips for now. So not fun.

Luckily, Ben didn’t have to go to the ICU.  In typical Ben fashion, he continues to impress—from the surgeon who said it couldn’t have gone better to the night nurse who never had anyone so “alert, pleasant, and talkative” after this surgery.  She clearly never met Ben before.

The good news is that, after a change of meds, Ben slept all afternoon/evening.  Let’s hope he can keep that going through the night.

Kim and Dave switched places tonight.  Kim is home now with Kelsey while Dave stays at the hospital with Ben.  Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!

Finally, Ben would love some fan mail from his adoring public.  You can send mail to:

Benjamin Larrick

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

1800 Orleans Street

Baltimore, MD 21287




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