May flowers

After April’s showers, we are seeing more flowers! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you and so much has happened. 

We started off the month without seeing any more spasms. An EEG confirmed that Kelsey’s spasms were, in fact, gone! The seizure medication she is on is working! 

We also shared with our neurologist the positive, albeit slight, changes in Kelsey’s development and apparent new understanding of what we are saying to her. The doctor said that this is very typical when the seizures go away. Amazing! 

This month we have seen Kelsey start giving kisses again, beginning to wave for the first time, shake her head for no, flirt with strangers in the grocery store, show separation anxiety that she didn’t before, climb stairs on her own, find toys in other rooms on her own, climb precariously up onto toys (see below), and explore and engage in things she didn’t previously. We think we’ve heard a couple of words clearly too! 


Her eye sight also seems to have improved. She won’t keep her glasses on so we are wondering if her prescription has improved as the seizures disappeared. Her right eye is no longer turning inwards. She seems very lucid in general and is focusing on the world around her like she never did before. We have an eye doctor appointment in June so I’ll report back. 
Since the new medication, Kelsey been able to drop her morning nap. She has more energy and is feisty again. I’m looking forward to our schedule being a bit freer with just one nap, especially as the summer approaches. 

May has been a great month so far. One of the most important changes is her good mood. She’s actually happy (unless she’s having therapy or taking her medicine!). I’m hoping only further positive changes are on the way. 

Kelsey turned two on Mother’s Day. The new developments were the best possible present that both she and I received.   


5 thoughts on “May flowers

  1. That’s awesome! Kelsey is very lucky to have parents who work so hard to get her back to herself. I give you two a ton of credit. You knew something was off and you kept pushing till you got an answer. Well done.

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