Don’t blink

When you have a toddler, people tell you not to blink a lot because “they grow so fast!”

“It all goes so quick!”

“Enjoy every minute!”

“You’re gonna miss this!”

I have no doubt that’s true. I smell the chubby baby’s hair on my lap and soak it in. I hear the seven year old boy ask me to snuggle and I know my days are numbered. But when your kid(s) have so many challenges, it really doesn’t go all that fast. 

Ben’s first five years felt like an eternity. We crawled, tooth and nail, to hit Every. Single. Milestone.  

 This is not necessarily a bad thing. For many reasons including if you know Menkes, you know how lucky we are to even be crawling at all, much less doing all that Ben is. 

I also read a post by another mom-blogger recently who made a list of the pros of having a special needs kiddo. One reason was that they stay little longer. That is so true. My seven year old needs me a lot more than yours needs you. And some times that’s really nice. To feel so needed. Especially as they get older and more independent. 

And other times it’s exhausting. Those toddler and preschool years seemed to take forever. “The days were long…” and so were the years. He never seemed ‘two’ or ‘four’ or ‘six.’ Because despite the calendar age, he wasn’t always doing what he “should” be. 

Adorable at every age

As the first kid, it’s a shame because I know I rushed him so. Relating him to Kelsey now…knowing “two” is still equal to “baby,” I realize that while he wasn’t doing what all our friends’ kids were doing…it wasn’t such a big deal. He was a baby! But I’ve never been great about being different than the rest. 

While we’re discussing comparisons, I try to use these realizations to Kelsey’s benefit. “She’s only two. She’ll get there. It’s ok. If he did it, she can totally do it.” I don’t always believe myself but perspective is a great gift.   


BUT, while those pre-school years were lonnng, the school age years are speeding by. I get it!!! I get what all those Experienced Moms were telling me. Don’t blink! Before you know it, they’ll be 26!

Kindergarten was a big deal. Big kid. Big school. Big deal. First grade sounded older but still little. ‘Know what I mean? And so quickly. All-of-sudden. Even-after-that-never-ending-winter…first grade is over and I will have a second grader at 1pm today.  

First and last day of first grade


To many readers, I know you’re cyber-smiling at me thinking, “Aw! Isn’t she cute. She thinks second grade is old. Just wait, Honey!”

I hear you. I know he’s still a baby but…I finally get it. This year. Right now. It all does go by so quickly. 

6 thoughts on “Don’t blink

  1. I’m with you sister! I can hardly believe that I’ll have a 5th grader. To think I’ve been a mom for almost 11 years is inconceivable!


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