New Therapy

…trying again after computer problems yesterday…

We have added a new type of therapy to our repertoire.  Elmo therapy.  🙂

IMG_9309Elmo therapy was a favorite of ours with Ben when he was little too.  It helped him with the dreaded Tummy Time.  ry%3D480

ry%3D400But it took Kelsey much longer than Ben to love Elmo and TV, in general.  But I can say for sure, without fear of jinxing it…Kelsey loves TV!  Woohoo!!  Now the Pediatrician and Better Mom Police might look down upon our celebration of TV, but I’d tell them to switch places with us for the last 18 months and see if they wouldn’t be thrilled to see the furry monster in full rotation!

Recently Kelsey also started to enjoy using her “gait trainer” aka her walker in the picture above.  One day her physical therapist was over and fiddling with it to slow it down, as Kelsey is currently Speed Racer with it which creates incredible poor-form in her walking gait.  I put Elmo on to help distract her while her PT was working and lo and behold, Elmo therapy was born.  Kelsey will stand for long periods of time, with her gait trainer, while Elmo is entertaining her.  Not only does this help her walking development (if she’s actually moving) but it also helps with her weight bearing practice…which is great.  Since the therapy has started we’ve seen her become more fond of her gait trainer and more fond of walking in any way…be it holding hands, the walker or a push-toy.

Now she has a LONG way to go.  Watching her walk is a bit painful the way her feet are turned in.  But it’s progress. And I’m quite thankful for Elmo for all he does, both in therapy and out…be it while cooking dinner, grocery shopping or after a long day at the pumpkin patch.  And while I do feel a bit guilty for all the TV consumption lately…I’m not stopping the contentment train anytime soon.  So sue me…


9 thoughts on “New Therapy

  1. I have Elmo videos if you would like…one is for Halloween! 🙂 I’m proud to support the Elmo-therapy, and no one should judge because no one can walk a mile in anyone’s shoes. Sending warm red fuzzy thoughts your way Kim!


  2. Just thought of something….who makes Elmo? Sesame Street? You should write to them about how effective Elmo has been in the development of Kelsey & Ben.


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