Our Quick Stint in Rehab

Welp. We graduated. After a mere 12 hours, we could tell that we might not need the intensity that KKI provides. This morning we asked if an outpatient scenario was possible. For a multitude of reasons including: She has no pain. She’s not on any pain meds. She’s “only” receiving PT and OT. We live close enough to drive KKI everyday. We didn’t see why it was necessary to spend all day and night at the hospital for a month. So after consulting doctors, therapists and social workers, who all agreed that outpatient therapy was a sound and safe choice, we were discharged. After 36 hours. The PT in charge said “we never see kids climb steps on their first day like she did!” This puts more on our plate at home but I’m up to the challenge. Thankfully Kelsey’s school and private therapists are rock stars and will, I have no doubt, have her in tip top shape in no time. She passed out immediately as sleep was something she gets less of at the hospital. We are all happy at home again. Thank you for all your prayers!!! Boy did they work!!!!

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