Communicating with the Larricks

Hi there, Copper Luck and Hope fans!

Some of you may know me; some of you may not.  I am Jen Pollard, one of Kim’s good friends.  Most importantly, to you, now, I am Kim and Dave’s consigliere, as it were, while Ben is in the hospital.

Kim and Dave LOVE getting all your messages of love and support–from both family and friends–whether they be simple messages just letting them know you care or messages asking for an update or whether you can do something for them.  It helps them to know there are so many people out there rooting for them.  That said, it can be overwhelming and exhausting to repeat the same message again and again or have so many people to which to respond.  This time, they’d like to be able to focus all their energy on Ben and their little family of 4.

Here’s what I’ll do:

(1) I will provide updates as they are available.  I will try to post to the blog and then get it shared on Kim’s Facebook page.

(2) Jones-ing for an update but don’t see one?  Shoot me a message.  You can email me at (yes, I still use hotmail!  one of the few!) or shoot me a message on Facebook Messenger (feel free to friend me!).

(3) Want to send your love to the Larricks?  Here are your choices:  (a) send it to me and I PROMISE that when Kim lets me know they are ready, I will share it with them or (b) send it directly to them, but they are in no way obligated to acknowledge it in any way.  If you ask them questions in this message, please know that it is very likely Kim will shoot it over to me, so please just give it to me from the start.

Now, one final note, I apologize ahead of time that I do not have nearly the best-friend-talking-to-you style of writing that our dear Kimmie has.  I’m more of a just-the-facts-ma’am type of writer, so bear with me!

Love to you all.  See you with the next update!

4 thoughts on “Communicating with the Larricks

  1. Thanks, Jen for all your efforts! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support Kim, Dave, Ben or Kelsey. I look forward to reading any updates you have and please share my love with the Larricks! And Kim’s mom 🙂 She is my “Bagel Bin buddy.” Thanks again.


  2. Thank you Jen for standing in the gap. I 100% agree with their energy being directed to their immediate family. I agree it can be very exhausting to try to keep everyone in the know. So Bravo to you both!!!
    Sending our prayers and love from Lexington, VA.

    Jennifer & Dave Tingley (Rosalie O’Farrell’s daughter & son in law)


  3. What a lovely gift you are giving your friends. Please keep updates coming. I am praying for Ben and the entire family. 🙏🏻💕


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