Update #9

Ben’s back to a full diet, but pacing himself with smaller portions. The epidural is out and his spirits are improving. That said, they are all READY to break out of the hospital. They’d love an early release of tomorrow, but Wednesday at the latest. Let’s pray the doctors agree!!

Update #8

Not surprisingly, Ben’s had some great improvements since they allowed him water…and food!  His mood improved; his pain is well managed; the urology team is happy with his progress. They are hoping that the epidural comes out tomorrow and they remain on track to leave the hospital on Wednesday. The whole family is ready for Ben to convalesce at home. That’s everything for now.

Update #5

Nothing much to report. Ben longed for water all day and tried to find ways around their rules (i.e. he asked if they had a microwave he could use to melt his popsicle to drink it!). He was told that he had to have a bowel movement before they would remove the nasal gastric tube and allow him to drink. Luckily, he accomplished that tonight!  Now, we’re just waiting for the next step so homeboy can DRINK!!!!

Kim and Dave were happy to have a bit of time together away from the hospital today. Mary Carole (Kim’s mom) relieved them for lunch, so they were able to leave the hospital and have a touch of normal life for a moment.

More tomorrow!

Update #4

Ben had an okay night last night. For the most part, he slept…thanks to some medicine that knocks him out. He’s also on medicine to help him with bladder spasms.

On the positive side, the doctor said that Ben is right on track with where he’s supposed to be. Hooray!  On the down side, he’s not a happy camper. He’s still not allowed to have water…which is just brutal…and he’s not happy about it.

That’s all for now. Happy Friday!

Update #3

Ben had a rough night last night. He (and Kim) did not get much sleep.  His pain wasn’t an issue but he was uncomfortable  and agitated because he couldn’t drink water. Unfortunately, he’s stuck with ice chips for now. So not fun.

Luckily, Ben didn’t have to go to the ICU.  In typical Ben fashion, he continues to impress—from the surgeon who said it couldn’t have gone better to the night nurse who never had anyone so “alert, pleasant, and talkative” after this surgery.  She clearly never met Ben before.

The good news is that, after a change of meds, Ben slept all afternoon/evening.  Let’s hope he can keep that going through the night.

Kim and Dave switched places tonight.  Kim is home now with Kelsey while Dave stays at the hospital with Ben.  Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!

Finally, Ben would love some fan mail from his adoring public.  You can send mail to:

Benjamin Larrick

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